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Nationwide Protests Sparked Over Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court Decision

Biden Administration Singles Out Popular Vape Manufacturer in Nicotine Crackdown

U.S. Navy Releases Educational Video About Proper ‘Gender Pronoun Etiquette’ Following Socially Progressive Trend in Biden DoD

President Biden Expected to Call For 3-Month Suspension of Gas Tax, Admits That This Will Not Completely Fix The Problem

Head of Texas Department of Public Safety Outlines ‘Abject Failure’ of Uvalde Police Response

New Reports Suggest that the Asian American Voting Bloc is Fleeing the Democrat Party

Government Watchdog FACT Files Ethics Complaint Against Top Biden Adviser Anita Dunn

U.S. Military Expected to Halt Sale of 5.56 to the Public

Pro-Abortion Protesters Lead March on Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Home

Report: Serbian Royals Asked Hunter Biden to Help Bankroll Palace Restoration