Open borders under the Biden Admin have created multiple problems. One of the biggest problems are those who lurk in our backyard ready to pounce on innocence. We are looking over our shoulders constantly in fear.

A report was released by federal officials that was very disconcerting. This report detailed a two-week operation by the FBI in July, titled “Operation Cross County”, that led to the discovery of 200 victims of sex trafficking. Even more perturbing was the fact that over 125 individuals are suspected to be associated with these atrocious acts.

The operation, which was a well-orchestrated effort involving the FBI, state, and local agencies, resulted in the identification of 59 innocent victims of child sex trafficking and exploitation. A chilling number of 59 children who had previously been reported missing were also found during this operation. A grim revelation that serves to underline the profound significance of the operation.

Furthermore, 126 suspects linked to child sexual exploitation and human trafficking were identified or arrested, along with 68 individuals believed to be traffickers. In a statement, Attorney General Merrick B. Garland expressed the gravity of the situation: “Sex traffickers exploit and endanger some of the most vulnerable members of our society and inflict unimaginable harm on their victims.”

In a concerted effort to curb these heinous crimes, the FBI joined forces with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). The focus was to pinpoint and locate victims of sex trafficking and bring to justice those involved in these dreadful crimes, be it individual perpetrators or entire criminal enterprises.

The President and CEO of NCMEC, Michelle DeLaune, issued a statement that touched on the human reality behind the unsettling statistics: “Behind every statistic, there is a person with dreams, aspirations, and the right to live a life free from child sex trafficking and exploitation.” The collective responsibility we bear as a society, she emphasized, is to ensure the safeguarding, support, and empowerment of those affected by these appalling crimes.

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