In a recent court proceeding in New York City pertaining to Trump, questions have arisen regarding the trial’s fairness, prompted by Judge Arthur Engoron’s discernible laughter during the proceedings. At the specific proceeding, Judge Arthur Engoron, the far-left judge overseeing the case, was observed laughing.

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The ongoing legal battles against former President Donald Trump, as witnessed in this hearing, have raised significant doubts regarding the integrity of the judicial process. Letitia James, a Democratic attorney general with affiliations to George Soros, initiated this lawsuit with a clear and unabashed focus on “going after Trump.”

Throughout her campaign and in her public statements, Letitia James has consistently targeted the former president, which suggests a distinct political agenda. Indeed, much of her bid for attorney general revolved around the prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

Furthermore, Letitia James has faced criticism for her stance on crime and law enforcement. Her advocacy for more lenient bail systems and restrictions on police actions has come under scrutiny, especially as New York City’s crime rate has continued to rise in recent years. This raises concerns about her prioritization of ensuring the safety of the city’s residents.

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