Former President Trump Stuns By Opting Out Of The Second GOP Debate In Favor Of This Shocking Move.

Trump’s Decision to Skip Debate

Former President Donald Trump has opted out of the second Republican presidential debate. Instead, he plans to visit Michigan’s striking autoworkers, showcasing his support for them. Trump also skipped the first debate, and during that time, he was interviewed by Tucker Carlson on the platform X, formerly called Twitter.

Trump’s Michigan Connection

Trump’s visit to Michigan is slated for Sept. 27, coinciding with the debate scheduled at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. Trump emphasizes his alignment with the “forgotten men and women” of the working class. Trump had earlier visited places affected by industrial decline and other crises, like East Palestine, Ohio post a train derailment.

Reactions and Controversies

Ammar Moussa, representing Biden’s campaign, criticizes Trump’s approach towards Michigan workers, emphasizing Trump’s policies that allegedly favored the rich. This has long been a claim made by the left and the Biden campaign, however, it’s largely without substance, and now 3 years into Biden’s presidency there is no evidence that Jeff Bezos or other mega-rich multi-billionaires are paying more in taxes – as Biden has claimed they would.

The United Auto Workers and Detroit’s major carmakers are in ongoing negotiations to end a current strike.

UAW’s Dave Green questions Trump’s credibility with organized labor, suggesting Trump’s visit aims to gain votes and sow division, although he would go on to add, “We just want the president to know, if you’re going to make promises, you gotta keep them.”

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