Once again, brave Texas troopers have intervened in a dangerous situation, demonstrating the reality of the border crisis that continues to plague our nation. This week, a border smuggling operation was exposed and halted in its tracks by the vigilance of our law enforcement, as they stopped a Mexican illegal immigrant intent on smuggling a dozen illegal immigrants, including two children, across our border.

The Texas Department of Public Safety revealed that the successful operation took place in Uvalde County on US-90, where a trooper initiated a stop on a Ford Pickup. Video footage of the incident revealed a tense exchange between the trooper and the driver. When requested to produce a license and insurance, the driver admitted to having “lost” both. As suspicion escalated, further investigation was initiated.

Upon inspecting the vehicle, the trooper discovered four illegal immigrants secreted away in the rear seat of the truck. The shocking revelation continued to unfold as it became clear that the driver, an illegal immigrant himself, was smuggling an additional eight individuals, bringing the total count to 12 illegal immigrants hidden within the vehicle.

The driver was identified as Sergio Sanchez-Zuniga, and his arrest has led to a trifecta of charges: smuggling, drug possession, and the unlawful carrying of a weapon. These were not baseless accusations, as a search of the vehicle yielded both a .380 handgun and cocaine, evidencing the deeply criminal nature of this operation. The illegal immigrants, on their way to San Antonio, were turned over to Border Patrol.

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