New Hampshire Senate President Chuck Morse conceded his race for the New Hampshire GOP Senate seat to retired Army General Don Buldoc. General Buldoc will battle Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan in November’s midterm election.

“You sent the biggest signal to the establishment tonight. They are going to work for you,” Bolduc, who ran as a MAGA style outsider and populist candidate, said late on Tuesday night, after declaring victory in New Hampshire’s GOP Senate primary.

Additionally, New Hampshire was host to the final in a series of high-profile and competitive Republican Senate primaries, which throughout the past six months have often pitted conservative candidates supported by mainstream Republicans against far-right contenders often aligned with former President Trump and his legions of MAGA loyalists.

Bolduc, who served 10 tours of duty in the war in Afghanistan, is running as a populist and outsider as he made his second straight run for the GOP Senate nomination in New Hampshire. His 2020 bid was unsuccessful, in part because Trump endorsed Bolduc’s rival. After keeping Trump at arm’s length in his first Senate campaign, Bolduc has embraced the former president’s unproven claims that the 2020 election was “rigged.” Bolduc was part of a group of retired generals who signed a letter questioning the legitimacy of the election due to what they charged was “a tremendous amount of fraud.”

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