Chris Sununu, the Republican Governor of New Hampshire, announced he will not be seeking re-election for a fifth term, as stated in a public letter to his supporters. Since taking office in 2017, Sununu has been re-elected four times in New Hampshire, a state showing recent Democratic leanings. Sununu expressed his belief that public service should not become a career and the time was appropriate for another Republican to lead the state.

The Republican Party, under Sununu’s tenure, has managed to retain slim majorities in both chambers of the New Hampshire General Court. This control was maintained even as the state voted Democrat in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. Sununu joins other moderate Republican governors from Democratic-leaning states who have decided against running for re-election following the rise of former President Donald Trump.

The governor stated in his letter:

“This was no easy decision as I truly love serving as governor. Public service should never be a career, and the time is right for another Republican to lead our great state,”

Sununu is part of a politically significant family in the state; his father and brother have held positions as Governor of New Hampshire, White House Chief of Staff, and U.S. Senator. Despite pressure from national Republicans, Sununu opted against a Senate run in 2022 and a Presidential run in 2024, stating he could be a more candid voice about the Republican Party and Trump as a non-candidate.

Following Sununu’s announcement, former Republican State Senate President Chuck Morse declared his intention to run for Governor. Other notable Republicans, including former Senator Kelly Ayotte and state Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut, are reportedly considering running as well. Sununu’s office has not commented on the matter yet.

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