Over the weekend, Vivek Ramaswamy changed his tune on Donald Trump’s potential absence from the first primary primary debates. He told a reporter that he plans to introduce himself to the nation, and Trump’s decision doesn’t affect him.

He stated:

“This is my chance to introduce myself to the country & so I have no issue with whatever decision he wants to make. “If he’s on there, great. If not, I’m fine with that.”

Ramaswamy’s recent comments contrast with his past message regarding Trump’s potential absence from primary debates. In a May 5th interview, Ramaswamy alluded to Trump’s potential absence as a sign of change in the former president’s character:

“I fully expect to see Donald Trump on that debate stage,” he said at the time. “It is my expectation Trump will be there because as I’ve known him he’s not a man that I know of to be afraid. He’s not somebody who’s made a habit of himself to be a coward.

“But if he doesn’t show up on that debate stage, that will be the best proof that the Donald Trump of today is not the same Donald Trump as in 2016.”

Ramaswamy further cemented his viewpoint on “Fox News Live” on Sunday, saying that he is ‘OK’ with Trump skipping the debate.

Meanwhile, Fox News is set to host the first GOP debate in Milwaukee this Wednesday. The RNC mandates a pledge from every candidate to support the eventual GOP nominee and to only partake in nationally sanctioned debates. Trump, however, remains non-committal on signing.

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