Chaos broke out on the set of ‘The View” Monday during an interview with Republican Senator Ted Cruz. The Senator was forced to stop mid-sentence and duck for cover as obscenities came hurling from two protesters in the audience. The attacks were so vicious and fowl that the liberal show was forced to cut audio and go to an un-planned commercial break. Before the audio was cut viewers could hear “F*** you!” as the entire cast looked up towards the audience. Here is the moment the protesters interrupted the show:

Footage taken by another member of the audience showed the extent to which the protestors went after Cruz:

The show’s moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, also reacted when the chants didn’t stop.

“Excuse me, ladies. Excuse us, let us do our job. We hear what you have to say, but you’ve got to go. You’ve got to go, you’ve got to let us do our jobs,” Goldberg said.

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