The audience at a Tuesday event laughed when former Republican Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey appeared to joke about wishing for a “death match” between former President Donald Trump and former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

Christie drew vocal disapproval from audiences for criticizing former President Donald Trump on multiple occasions after announcing his presidential campaign on June 6, 2023. Christie, who criticized Trump for criticizing some of the officials who previously served in his administration, was discussing his thoughts on his opponents in the Republican presidential primary at a University of Chicago event titled “Does the Truth Still Matter? A Conversation With Chris Christie.”

“I would have preferred any of those people over Trump,” Christie told the audience. “Ramaswamy and Trump, I would have hoped for a death match where they both die.”



The audience laughed at the joke, when the moderator asked Christie if he meant “a literal death match.”

“Yes,” Christie responded, “Where they both die.”

Christie attacked Trump in a July 2023 CNN appearance for calling special counsel Jack Smith a “crackhead.”

“This is just what makes Donald Trump an unacceptable nominee for our party, because he says things like this without any regard for truth or falsity, without any regard for the propriety of it,” Christie told CNN host Jake Tapper. “But even worse yet, what does that do to help anyone other than him? My argument all along has been, this race in 2024 for Donald Trump, is all about Donald Trump, it’s not about the American people. He doesn’t give a damn about the American people.”

Christie, Trump and Ramaswamy did not immediately respond to requests for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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