All twelve jurors have been selected for former President Donald Trump’s trial relating to Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s allegations he falsified business records to hide a payment to pornstar Stormy Daniels.

The jurors include an investment banker, a security engineer with three children, a retired man from Lebanon who enjoys fly fishing, a speech therapist, a worker at an eyewear company, a woman from California who works in product development and a physical therapist, according to Politico. The panel is comprised of seven men and five women, according to NBC News.

The seven jurors sworn in Thursday join five who were selected on Tuesday, completing the panel that will weigh Bragg’s 34 count indictment against the former president. Six additional jurors are needed to serve as alternates, and Judge Juan Merchan said he is “hopeful” that selection will finish tomorrow, according to NBC News.

One alternate has already been selected, according to multiple reports. The alternate is a female asset manager who “likes to run, hang out with her friends and eat,” according to NBC News.


The five jurors on the panel who were chosen Tuesday include a corporate lawyer, an education professional, a software engineer and a civil litigation lawyer, according to Politico.

The jury’s foreperson, also chosen Tuesday, works in sales and is originally from Ireland. He’s married, likes “anything outdoorsy,” lives in West Harlem and reads The New York Times, Fox News and MSNBC, according to NBC News.

Seven jurors were initially selected on Tuesday, though two were released earlier Thursday, according to reports. One said she did not believe she could be impartial after friends and colleagues asked her if she was a juror. Another was dismissed after prosecutors questioned the truthfulness of his answer on the jury selection questions.

Merchan directed the media Thursday not to report physical details about jurors or information about their employers.

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