Newly released interviews from the January 6th Investigation show that former president Trump and his top advisors knew he lost the 2020 election. The clips could be damning to Trump and will be used by Democrats to attack his credibility if he is the Republican nominee. In the footage, Bill Stepien, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager and Jason Miller, Trump’s 2024 senior adviser, both reveal their conversations within Trump’s team in the weeks following the 2020 election. They both say Trump was told multiple times that he had lost the election and any plan to overturn it would not work.

Jason Miller talked about the 2020 election night and the moment Trump was notified by their data team:

“I was in the Oval Office, and at some point in the conversation, Matt Oczkowki, who was the lead data person at the time was brought in. And I remember he delivered to the President pretty blunt terms that he was going to lose.

Miller was later asked by interviewers about President Trump declaring victory on election night, to which he responded:

“I remember saying that we should not go and declare victory until we had a better sense of the numbers.”

“I remember Rudy Gualliani saying that we won. They’re stealing it from us. Where did all the votes come from. We need to go say that we won. And essentially that anyone who didn’t agree with that position was being weak.

Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager responded to the same question with a similar answer:

“It was far too early to be making calls like that. Ballots were still being counted and it was far to early to be making any proclamations like that that.”

“My recommendation was to say that it was too early to call the race but we are proud of the race we ran and we think we’re in a good position. The President disagreed with that. He thought I was wrong.”

The series of interviews also show that Trump’s advisors knew any legal action overturn the election results would not work. Trump’s team even attempted a scheme to subvert the Electoral College by installing ‘fake electors’ in seven swing states. Electors are people who represent the electoral college from each state and Trump’s devised a plan to have his supporters pretend to electors and vote in his favor when it came time to count the electors. The final part of the plan was for Vice President Mike Pence to throw out the actual electors and accept Trump’s fake electors on January 6th.

Here is a video of Trump staffers talking about the ‘fake elector’ plan:

Will these video’s be part of the January 6th indictment against Trump which is rumored to be coming in the next few weeks. In any case, the revelations from Trump’s top advisors may finally bring an end to any notions that the 2020 election was stolen.


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