In a recent press release, the office of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell shared an update on his health status. Dr. Brian Monahan, Capitol Attending Physician, stated that after consulting with McConnell and his neurology team, the 81-year-old Kentucky Republican is medically fit to resume his regular schedule. This announcement follows two recent incidents where McConnell appeared to “freeze” during press interactions, raising concerns about his well-being.

Dr. Monahan wrote:

I have consulted with Leader McConnell and conferred with his neurology team. After evaluating yesterday’s incident, I have informed Leader McConnell that he is medically clear to continue with his schedule as planned. Occasional lightheadedness is not uncommon in concussion recovery and can also be expected as a result of dehydration.

McConnell had suffered a concussion after falling at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in Washington in March and had another fall at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on July 14.

On Wednesday, McConnell had two separate moments where he appeared to lose consciousness while answering questions in his home state of Kentucky. On both occasions, McConnell ‘froze’ for well over half a minute.

The incident mirrored a similar one that occurred  in July, on Capitol Hill, where the 81-year-old Kentucky Republican paused for 19 seconds before being led away from the media. He resumed the conference shortly after, assuring journalists he was alright.

Monahan’s press release aimed to address the concerns raised by these incidents and to confirm that McConnell is medically cleared to continue his duties as planned.

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