Georgia has released its redistricting proposal which if approved, would help Republicans be able to flip at least one Congressional seat red.

What Happened: On Wednesday, Georgia released its proposed redistricting lines. The biggest change to the map would affect Georgia’s 6th Congressional district. The district encompasses much of suburban Atlanta, a part of the state which has traditionally leaned heavily Democrat. However new proposal would include conservative-leaning regions in Cherokee, Dawson, and Forsyth counties.

Context: Republicans currently hold an 8-6 majority in the districts within the Peach State, however, last year lost both Senate seats to Democrats and the state went to Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election.

What Happens Next: The proposal will have to be approved by the state House and Senate before heading to Gov. Brian Kemp’s desk.

According to reports, the state’s General Assembly, which is led by GOP officials, plans to quickly pass the redistricting proposal.

According to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Republicans have enough votes in both chambers of the legislature to pass the proposal without Democrat support.

What This Means: If the proposal is approved this will open the door for Republicans to take back the Peach State.

So far, Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker has been leading in polls to win next year’s election against Raphael Warnock.

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