In a move to celebrate American pride, Texas Republican Congressman Wesley Hunt is introducing a bill designating July as “American Pride Month”. The resolution, to be introduced on Friday, will serve as an opportunity for the nation to commemorate the monumental achievements of the United States throughout its history. The month will counter LGBTQ Pride month in June which many Americans view as a ridiculous ploy pushed by the far-left.

The bill, as seen in a preview of its text released by Breitbart News, aims to bring back American exceptionalism and educate American youth about the essence of being a true patriot. Hunt believes we need to highlight America as the land of the free, which will be achieved through a month-long celebration and social media outreach using #AmericanPrideMonth.

Hunt’s video campaign emphasizes the need to do a better job of communicating the values of freedom that make America the last best hope on earth.

Hunt spoke about the resolution in an interview with Breitbart News, saying:

“Unfortunately, in recent years, we have witnessed Reagan’s warning become a premonition,” he said. “Our country is terribly divided, and woke ideology has replaced American pride with cultural tribalism.”

In that light, he suggested dedicating a month to celebrating pride in America.

“If the Biden White House, woke corporations, and the media can spend an entire month celebrating ‘PRIDE,’ then they can also spend the entire month of our nation’s birth celebrating American Pride,” he argued.

Hunt’s effort, as expressed through his video campaign and interviews, envisions a dedicated month for the recognition and celebration of the United States’ achievements, positioning it as a symbolic counterweight to the LGBTQ Pride Month in June. While the initiative has sparked considerable discourse, it ultimately seeks to inspire pride in the American identity and values, a reflection of the enduring quest for unity amidst the nation’s diversity.


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