The House of Representatives has finally taken a stand and censured Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for his disgraceful actions as chair of the House Intelligence Committee. Leading investigations into then-President Donald Trump, Schiff manipulated the facts, misled the American public, and shamelessly peddled false narratives.

Unsurprisingly, the vote fell strictly along party lines, with the California congressman predictably saying the resolution is “false and defamatory.” Even in the face of overwhelming evidence of his wrongdoing, Schiff refuses to take responsibility for his deceptive conduct.

The Democrats desperately tried to bury the bill and silence any dissenting voices. Earlier in the day former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fell into hysteria over the censure vote:


This censure sends a clear message: Schiff’s deceitful actions will not be tolerated. It’s time for him and his ilk to be held accountable for their egregious misconduct and their relentless pursuit of a political agenda at the expense of truth and justice. The House of Representatives has taken a step towards restoring integrity to the investigative process and ensuring that such abuses of power are not repeated.

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