West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is planning on filing a bipartisan resolution to reverse the Senate’s newly-relaxed dress codes, the Daily Caller News Foundation confirmed Thursday.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Sunday that the Senate would no longer be enforcing its business attire dress code, which required men to wear a coat and tie. After backlash from Republicans, and a GOP-led letter to Schumer denouncing the change, Manchin will likely propose the upper chamber returns to its previous dress code next week, a spokesperson for the senator confirmed to the DCNF.

“Next week, Senator Manchin intends to file a bipartisan resolution to ensure the Senate dress code remains consistent with previous expectations,” a spokesperson for Manchin told the DCNF.

Schumer’s move to change the dress code has become informally known as the “Fetterman Rule,” as Democratic Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman often wears sweatshirts to work.

The Hill first reported that Manchin was circulating a proposal to reverse Schumer’s change to the dress code.


GOP Sen. Rick Scott of Florida led nearly all Senate Republicans in the letter calling on Schumer to reverse his decision, arguing that the upper chamber is “a place of honor and tradition.”

“Allowing casual clothing on the Senate floor disrespects the institution we serve and the American families we represent,” the letter reads. “We the undersigned members of the United States Senate write to express our supreme disappointment and resolute disapproval of your recent decision to abandon the Senate’s longstanding dress code for members, and urge you to immediately reverse this misguided action.”

Manchin is up for reelection in a predominately Republican state, but has yet to decide whether he will run. The senator has floated leaving the Democratic Party, and could run for another term as an independent, for president as a third-party candidate with centrist organization No Labels or retire from politics completely.

Schumer did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.

Mary Lou Masters on September 21, 2023

Daily Caller News Foundation

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