In a controversial move, GOP presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy is standing by his comments comparing Black Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley to “grand wizards in the KKK.” This comparison, made during a campaign event, was in response to a statement made by Pressley in 2019 where she said: “We don’t want any more Black faces that don’t want to be a Black voice. We don’t want any more brown faces that don’t want to be a brown voice.”

Ramaswamy defended his comments during an appearance on Newsnation’s “CUOMO” where he told the host:

“that’s just the truth of the substance of what she said.”

“At points in our history we have had people who have talked about Black faces and brown faces to shut up, sit down and do as they’re told. You know who did that? Yes, the grand wizard of the KKK,”

Rep. Pressley denounced Ramaswamy’s inflammatory remarks during an interview on MSNBC. She told “PoliticsNation”:

“The verbal assault lobbied against myself and Dr. Kendi is shameful. It is deeply offensive. And it is dangerous,”

“In one of my childhood memories that is deeply embedded in that my own ancestors and living family members have been brutalized, lynched, raped by the Ku Klux Klan,”

“I recall when my family member had moved into a predominantly white cul-de-sac in the ’80s when I was a child. And we had a cross burned in our lawn.”

Ramaswamy has obviously embraced the role as a contrarian candidate who is not afraid to stir the pot. But has it become to much?

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