Kamala Harris’s approval rating is worse than Joe Biden’s. Kamala comes in at 28% while the Commander-in-Chief is at 38%.

The dismal approval ratings mean that Kamala is not a plan b to the Joe Biden for the Democrats.

Context: Once thought of as the successor to a likely one-term president, Kamala looks likely to lose in a Democrat primary should Joe Biden not run in 2024.

Everything lined up for Kamala, a woman, of color, with an opportunity to capture the White House and make history.

Why this is important: As Democrats struggle with messaging and 2022 a bigger problem could lie in the weeds. Who do they choose to be their nominee?

A weaker party coupled with a primary fight could spell disaster for the Democrats.

For context, Kamala was a black woman in a Democrat primary who did not have the political acumen to make it to Iowa, let alone past it.

What they are saying:

Joe Concha: “Harris was supposed to represent the next generation of Democrats. She was Plan B for an aging president. At 28 percent approval, it’s hard to see how the VP ever takes the next step to the Oval Office.”

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