Winter is coming. And the challenges that it will bring to the country are coming with it.

How Biden and his White House respond to the challenges could have a major effect on how democrats perform in 2022.

Context: Supply chain inefficiencies threaten to hold up Christmas gifts, it will cost more to heat your home, gas prices will continue to rise, labor shortages will affect businesses, and coronavirus cases could rise.

Due to all of the above, winter is shaping up to be a disaster for the Biden White House. The same White House that touted a $.16 cost reduction in Fourth of July celebrations, will have to answer to families paying more for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Likely, much more than $.16.

Why it matters: Joe Biden has seen his poll numbers hit historic lows for a Democrat president, and a tough holiday season could only exacerbate the threat of losing control of both the House and Senate.

Biden has not been without success, he ended last week by securing an infrastructure win and a strong jobs report. But with all of the other crises, Biden and Democrats have been awful at spinning it positive.

Biden’s approval rating recently fell to 38% with 46% saying they believe he has performed worse than expected.

Strategists in the Democrat party have stated that the American people just don’t see the good that is happening.

What they are saying:

White House chief of staff Ron Klain described it as a “rough and tough year.”

Pete Buttigieg says that ending the pandemic with vaccines is the way forward, “The best way to end a pandemic-related shortage is to end a pandemic, and that’s why the vaccine push is so important.”

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