The Department of Justice (DOJ) recommended a 40-year sentence on Friday for David DePape, the man who attacked former House Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband in 2022.

DePape was found guilty on all federal charges in November 2023 after he broke into Pelosi’s house in an attempt to kidnap her, and bludgeoned her husband, Paul, with a hammer. Prosecutors wrote in the DOJ memo that “sentencing factors compel the statutory maximums recommended here.”

“The defendant planned a violent hostage-taking of the Speaker Emerita, and then nearly killed her husband,” prosecutors wrote. “The defendant planned and unleashed violence and has stayed true to his belief that his actions were necessary.”

U.S. attorney Ismail Ramsey, along with assistant U.S. attorneys Helen Gilbert and Laura Horn, also wrote in the memo that the sentencing factors “demonstrate that the 30 years maximum on the count with the most significant statutory maximum is not sufficient to meet the sentencing goals.”

While DePape pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, he testified during his trial that he did attack Paul while he was seeking to kidnap his wife. Paul was hospitalized for six days due to a skull fracture and other injuries he suffered from the incident.

The man also listed future targets during his testimony, including Tom Hanks, Hunter Biden, former Vice President Mike Pence, Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom and independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. DePape’s defense argued that he acted due to delusional views about politicians and government.

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