Chris Wallace decided to abandon his longtime home at Fox News for greener pastures at rival CNN.

The move was announced by Wallace during what ended up being his final “Fox News Sunday” broadcast.

Context: Wallace shocked his audience, and apparently his Fox News colleagues when he announced his departure and a willingness to pursue opportunities “beyond politics.”

It was later announced he would be joining CNN’s streaming service.

What this means: Wallace who joined the network in 2003 signed off Sunday and his departure was “effective immediately.”

Wallace turned down a multi-year contract extension and a pay raise as his contract is nearing expiration.

Recently, Chris Wallace and Brett Baier voiced their concerns about Tucker Carlson and his revisionist history of the January 6th riot.

Of the “straight-news” journalists at the network, only Bret Baier remains. Shep Smith left for CNBC in 2019.

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