The new record has been set just two months after the last bleak milestone.

Despite the Biden administration’s multiple moves to get gas prices under control, including draining the country’s strategic reserves, gas prices have hit a nauseating new high nationwide.

According to AAA data, the new national average is $4.37 without accounting for inflation.

Just two months ago, the national average surpassed $4.00 a gallon for the first time in over a decade. Now, no single state has lower average prices than $3.90 per gallon.

As always, prices are highest in California, where drivers can expect to pay $5.84 a gallon on average.

Prices are predicted to continue rising into the summer, which is also expected to see other energy-related issues such as rolling blackouts thanks to the premature closure of traditional energy generating plants.

The European Union’s anticipated ban on Russian oil imports will also drive up the price of gasoline across the globe as its member countries seek new sources.

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