After an unsealed plot to assassinate former national security adviser John Bolton and news that the country is training Russians to use its advanced drones, current national security adviser Jake Sullivan gave a strong warning to Iran.

The Department of Justice publicly shared that it had charged an Iranian national and member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) with plotting to assassinate Bolton.

The release said it was likely that Shahram Poursafi intended to retaliate for the US’ 2020 drone strike that killed the leader of the IRGC’s elite force, Qassem Soleimani.

It was also reported that Tehran has entered an agreement with Russia to send hundreds of drones and trains its troops on how to use them against Ukraine as its war there drags on.

As a result, national security adviser Jake Sullivan issued a statement warning Iran if it continues to target Americans.

“Should Iran attack any of our citizens, to include those who continue to serve the United States or those who formerly served, Iran will face severe consequences,” he said.

The administration has struggled to deal with Iran. Negotiations over its nuclear development are on their last legs as a potentially final effort is underway in Vienna.

Biden stoked the country’s anger on a recent visit to Israel, a staunch opponent of Iran, where he reaffirmed the US’ stance that it would use military power to deny Iran the capability to develop nuclear arms.

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