The Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill to make mask-wearing optional in schools.

Background: During his gubernatorial campaign, Glenn Youngkin made parents’ choice and an end to mask mandates key issues, leading him to a victory over Democrat incumbent Terry McAuliffe.

On his first day in the Governor’s mansion, Youngkin signed a series of executive orders, one of which sought to end mandatory masking in schools.

Democrat state lawmakers pushed back on Youngkin’s executive order, with some mounting lawsuits against the action.

Last week, A version of this bill was originally approved by the state Senate and passed by the House on Monday.

Key Detail: However at the last minute, Youngkin added a measure to the bill to allow the legislation to take effect immediately sending the bill back to the lower chamber.

What Happened: The Virginia House of Delegates passed Gov. Youngkin’s law on Wednesday.

Why It’s Important: The legislation allows parents to decide if they want their children to wear masks in school instead of Virginia officials implementing mask mandates. 

What Comes Next: Gov. Youngkin will sign the bill Wednesday afternoon

School districts have until March 1 to comply with legislation once it’s signed. 

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