The 2022 midterms have yet to occur but the push for the White House for Republicans in 2024 will be here before we know it.

Context: Despite President Trump being the former president, his stance on vaccines and his loss have caused his power to fade.

First, America doesn’t like losers creating an uphill battle for the former president. And second, Trump is pro-vaccine, something that puts him at odds with some of his staunchest Republican supporters.

Trump is still a favorite but is not the shoe in that most would suspect.

Who else?

Ron DeSantis Florida’s Republican Governor

Mike Pence former Republican Vice President

Chris Christie former New Jersey Republican Governor

Nikki Haley former Trump administration Ambassador to the United Nations

Ted Cruz Republican Senator from Texas

Mike Pompeo former Secretary of State under President Trump

Kristi Noem South Dakota’s Republican Governor

Tom Cotton Republican Senator from Arkansas

Larry Hogan Maryland’s Republican Governor

One thing to consider:

Trump has had his moments since leaving office and in the latest straw poll at Dallas CPAC in July Trump won with 71% of the vote. DeSantis was a distant second with 21%.

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