Prominent American journalist Grant Wahl has died in Qatar after collapsing while cover a game between Argentina and Netherlands. Qatari officials say that Wahl “fell ill” in the press area, where he received “immediate medical treatment on site.” Wahl had made headlines earlier in the tournament when he was apprehended inside a stadium for wearing a shirt with a rainbow design on it. He had also been extremely critical of the human rights violation that occurred during the build up to the tournament, especially that of the treatment of migrant workers.

Wahl’s brother, Eric Wahl, published a shocking video shortly after news broke in which he insisted that his brother was killed for negative reporting on Qatar’s World Cup. Eric said his brother wore the rainbow shirt to the game for him because he is a gay soccer fan. Grant Wahl is married to Celine Gounder, a medical journalist.

Watch Eric Wahl’s video below:



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