Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has once again slammed president Joe Biden and praised Republicans for recent policy decisions regarding a vital issue. Manchin’s comments come on the eve of the expiration of Title 42, which has been the only thing keeping America’s southern border from being completely open. For months, Republicans have called for new legislation to take the place of Title 42 but the Biden administration has done nothing.

Manchin’s Maverick Move: Considering Third Party Presidential Bid In 2024

Manchin said, “We are one day from the end of Title 42 and still the Biden Administration has no viable solution to prevent an unmanageable surge of migrants at our southern border.”

“There are multiple common sense solutions to this crisis, including my bipartisan bill that would give the Administration a two-year temporary expulsion authority for migrants attempting to illegally enter the U.S. without inspection or proper documentation,” added Manchin.

“While I do not support every provision, Republicans in the House of Representatives are at least working on a border security bill to fill the leadership vacuum created by this Administration. Our country cannot maintain our superpower status if we cannot control our own border,” he continued.

Recent reports state the Manchin is considering a third party presidential now that his senate seat is being contested by West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice. Manchin will look to speak to both sides of the isle and garner support from independents and moderate Democrats and Republicans.

With Biden’s weak poll numbers and the amount of public distaste for former president Donald Trump, Manchin may see the presidential race as more favorable than taking on Gov. Justice.



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