Joe Manchin could be looking to leave the Democratic party once and for all. Rumors are circling that the rebellious West Virginia senator is gearing up to run against Biden as a third party candidate. Manchin recently reminded Americans that he has a long history with the centrist group, No Labels. The group has been petitioning across the country in order to get a spot on ballots in 2024, their goal being to run a third party candidate. Manchin has also been publicly criticizing Biden’s leadership qualities which have added to the rumors he may challenge the president.

Top Senator Endorses Governor Justice In W.V. Race

Manchin stated, “I’ve been part of No Labels since December of 2010. It’s the only game in town that wants to bring people together and get Democrats and Republicans working together.”

When a reporter asked Manchin whether he was thinking of running with No Labels, he responded, “Voters are sick of this constant, daily routine of everyone’s against everybody and everybody’s fighting and arguing. Let’s be for the country and get something done.”

Manchin’s senate seat is under a major threat from Republican West Virginia Governor Jim Justice who announced last week that he would be challenging for the seat. Justice’s announcement could be what ultimately pushes Manchin towards running for president due to the states recent lean towards Republicans. With Biden’s weak poll numbers and the amount of public distaste for former president Donald Trump, Manchin may see the presidential race as more favorable than taking on Gov. Justice.

Most political strategists agree that third party presidential candidates have little to no chance of winning presidential elections. This makes one think that Joe Manchin’s political career is dwindling down to its final days.

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