The New York Post has reported that Crown Prince Alexander Karađorđević of Yugoslavia and his wife, Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, met with Hunter Biden in November 2015 looking for him to help bankroll the restoration of their palaces in Belgrade, Serbia.

Hunter Biden, son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, was asked by the royals to get his father to help solve the problem.

“We were having problems with the state budget for the Royal Compound consisting of two palaces built by my grandfather King Alexander I of Yugoslavia. We were hoping that Hunter might be able to help with his father to solve the problem,” Crown Prince Alexander Karađorđević told the New York Post.

Context: At the time, Vice President Joe Biden was handling several other countries for the White House, one of which was Serbia. Joe Biden had already met with Serbia officials two months before the royals called Hunter Biden. Nine months after the royals had called Hunter Biden, Joe Biden met with Serbian officials again, but this time at an event held at the royal palace.

What Happened: The New York Post revealed that Hunter Biden’s calendar, which was recovered from his laptop, showed he had a meeting with the royals on November 3rd, 2015. According to his calendar entry, this meeting was alleged to last 30 minutes. The calendar also revealed that Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner Eric Schwerin was also on the call.

The royals would thank Hunter Biden for getting them the help he needed. “We would like to thank you very much for today. It was a great pleasure to have met you. Katherine and I are very grateful to you for being so good to us and for being so understanding,” Alexander Karađorđević said in an email to Hunter Biden.

Alexander Karađorđević would clarify with the New York Post that he did not pay and was not asked to pay Hunter Biden or his associates for what happened.

Alexander Karađorđević would also tell the post that he was introduced to Hunter Biden by Sally Painter, one of the co-founders of the Democrat lobbying firm Blue Star Strategies. Blue Star Strategies is allegedly under investigation by the Justice Department for potential illegal lobbying on behalf of Burisma, the company that Hunter Biden was on board, netting $83,000 a month. Blue Star Strategies officially took on Burisma as a client in 2015.

The Laptop: Other information recovered from the laptop related to this alleged business dealing was that Hunter Biden had the Serbian ambassador to the United States, Vladimir Petrovic, as a contact.

An email sent to Hunter Biden from Petrovic in May 2010 reads, “We are looking forward to you visiting Serbia at your convenience.” The email continued, “I had some preliminary conversations with some business people in Serbia, and I think you would find some opportunities when you travel there. Please let me know if I can provide some additional information prior to your trip to Belgrade.”

Mark Doyle, a senior adviser to then-Senator Joe Biden, sent an email to Hunter Biden in April 2010 that revealed Doyle’s intentions to connect Hunter Biden to “high net worth individuals” in Serbia.

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