With the midterm elections just days away, several states across the country have taken up efforts to safeguard the electoral process on a number of fronts, from addressing a growing number of complaints of irregularities to hearing court cases over ballot casting and counting procedures. 

The state of Oregon has recently experienced a rise in the number of voter integrity complains. Local election officials have been working to investigate each complaint in an effort to maintain public trust in the system.

At least 204 accusations have been filed this year, according to a complaints log obtained through a public records request. The complaints include accusations of campaign finance violations, public employees campaigning while on the job, and someone yelling about signs on lawns. (AP News)

Elections officials across states agree that investigating each complaint is necessary for the integrity of voter confidence in the electoral process.

In blue states like Oregon and red states like Idaho, elections officials say investigating the complaints is critical for maintaining voter confidence. (AP News)

Earlier this year, members of the Cochise County Board of Supervisors in Arizona voted to have the midterm elections ballots counted by hand as a way to counteract mistrust in voting machines. Supervisor Tom Crosby stated that counting the ballots by hand would also serve as an audit of the electoral process.

The proposal, presented by Crosby, cited a lack of voter trust in the elections system and argued that a hand-count would serve as an “audit” to “enhance voter confidence.” (The Hill)

Ever since the contentious 2020 elections, the results of which are still questioned by many concerned Americans, courts across the country have continued to argue over the most effective rules for the casting and counting of ballots. 

 From the status of undated mail-in ballots to the legality of drop boxes and the constitutionality of same-day registration statutes, the courts have been busy defining the landscape of election laws and regulations in various battleground states. (The Daily Signal)

Among the battleground states faced with these legal fights are Pennsylvania, Delaware, Wisconsin, and Georgia, among others. 

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