The January 6th Select Committee tasked with investigating the January 6th riot has voted to hold former Trump Chief of Staff in contempt multiple outlets’ report.

Context: Meadows had originally struck a deal to testify before the committee but then recanted. Once he recanted, he sued the committee, its members, and Nancy Pelosi to fight the subpoena.

Meadows argued in his suit that his testifying would destroy the executive privilege former President Trump is fighting to preserve.

Meadows had complied with records requests from the committee but that wasn’t enough.

Chairman of the select committee Bennie Thompson, D-Miss, stated that those records raised questions and Meadows must answer them.

What this means: The vote from the nine-member panel was unanimous and Meadows has now been recommended to the Department of Justice for criminal prosecution.

The panel released a 51-page contempt report laying out its accusations against Meadows to the DOJ.

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