Former White House chief of staff to President Trump, Mark Meadows has filed a lawsuit against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the members of the House Select Committee, and the committee itself.

Context: Meadows was reported to have reached a deal to cooperate with the committee but ended that cooperation earlier this week.

Now, Meadows is suing to block the subpoena from congress compelling him to testify.

Why this is important: Meadows is claiming if he testifies it would violate President Trump’s executive privilege.

Meadows is claiming he is in an untenable position having to decide between defying the subpoena and risking criminal prosecution and defying his former boss who is attempting to assert executive privilege.

Trump has been fighting to block records from his administration from being transferred to the committee from the National Archives.

The select committee has indicated that it will hold Meadows in criminal contempt.

What they are saying?:

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