Anita Dunn, one of President Biden’s top advisers, has had an ethics complaint filed against her just as she returns to the White House.

Fox News Digital obtained the ethics complaint filed by the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT). The ethics complaint concerns Dunn’s “failure to file the required personal financial disclosure” before her return to the White House.

The complaint reads, “Prior to her government employment, Anita Dunn was a founding member of SKDK, a corporate and political consulting firm, and worked for President Biden’s campaign in 2020.” The complaint establishes that “Since January 2021, Dunn has either been employed by the White House, worked for SKDK, or both at the same time.”

The White House has claimed that Dunn was not required to file a public report because she was only classified as a “special government employee” and her salary was below $132,552.

Fox News Digital reached out to the White House for comment, and a spokesperson showed them reports that Dunn’s new role at the White House required her to sign an ethics pledge as well as submit personal financial disclosures. However, this White House spokesperson did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s follow-up question regarding when Dunn would do these things.

FACT claims that the White House denying that Dunn needed to file these personal financial disclosures is “an intentional attempt to avoid the ethics laws.” FACT adds that the “classification of ‘special government employee’ is someone retained to perform temporary duties of not more than 130 days.”

According to FACT, the role of “senior advisor” is not a temporary position. In supporting this claim, FACT points to Mike Donilon, another senior advisor to President Biden, who filed the proper public financial disclosures.

“Moreover, Dunn’s first period of employment alone was longer than the 130 days of those classified as a special government employee. Her returning multiple times also shows that this is not a temporary position,” the complaint from FACT continues.

The complaint concludes by pointing out the importance of public officials, who influence government action and policy, making these public disclosures.

Former President Barack Obama’s Ethics Chief, Walter Shaub, commented on the story saying that Dunn’s “third rotation through the White House is an ugly sign of business as usual in Washington.”

“Biden may have achieved his goal of being more ethical than Trump, but that’s a low bar and I don’t think ethics is in the top 999 things he cares about,” Shaub added.

White House adviser Antia Dunn has previously run into problems regarding ethics. In 2021, when Dunn initially dodged these personal financial disclosures, she was attacked in the press for having clients that have a direct stake in White House policy.

Another ethics watchdog, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton, released an informal statement on the matter via Twitter.

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