Disney is taking every step to avoid accusations of cultural insensitivity toward Native Americans in “Peter Pan & Wendy,” their newest remake of Peter Pan. The movie will come directly to the streaming platform Disney+ in April, and the actress who plays Tiger Lily revealed that the production hired a “cultural consultant team” to omit any stereotypical depictions of Native Americans in the film. The actress, Alyssa Wapanatâhk, who is of Cree descent, told NativeViewpoint.com that “the crew tried to remain culturally sensitive, especially since many fans saw the original animated version as problematic.”

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In the 1953 Disney classic, Tiger Lily’s father, the chief, speaks in broken English. He calls Peter Pan his “pale face brother” and refers to himself as a “red man.”

Wapanatâhk told the outlet, “My thoughts on Disney’s past is that I hope they leave it where it is … and I think they will. I watched all the Peter Pan films. There were some films that did not do us justice for sure.”

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“Once I was actually working with production, I noticed it even more, and it got better and better.” She went on to describe the “cultural consultant team” on set, which included Dawn Jackson (Saginaw Chippewa) and Dr. Kevin Lewis (Minisitkwan Lake Cree Nation), per NativeViewpoint.
According to the Daily Wire:
The actress also noted how the movie’s director, David Lowery, was very supportive of the team throughout filming.

“All of these different films and TV shows are coming out now that are done so well,” the actress continued. “I’m seeing all these Native producers and Native directors, Native writers, and Native actors and they are all giving us their best work.”

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