Heiress Abigail Disney, the grandchild of Walt Disney, is using former 19 and Counting star Jessa Duggar’s miscarriage to push her woke abortion agenda. Duggar recently revealed her recent miscarriage and psychological pain she she experienced after learning that she had lost her baby. Jessa explained, “Nothing could have prepared me for the weight of those words in that moment. At that moment I was just in complete shock. I didn’t have words. I just immediately started crying.” She added, “I feel like in some ways miscarriages can be so jarring because you don’t have clear signs of something going wrong. I had minimal spotting for 24 hours, and that was it.”

Duggar, like most mothers who suffer miscarriages, “underwent a dilation and curettage (D&C) to remove the fetus from her womb, fearing complications if she passed it at her home.”

Abigail Disney didn’t seem to have any sympathy however, instead she claimed that the dilation and curettage procedure meant that Duggar received an abortion, arguing that it could be banned in most pro-life states without citing a single example to support her claim.

“She didn’t have a miscarriage. She had a D&C. Which is also called an abortion and would be illegal in many states under laws she herself supports. FFS at least just tell the truth!! Contemptible cowardice,” tweeted Disney.

Not getting into politics here but when a woman suffers a miscarriage, a D&C is usually done (after 8-10 weeks of pregnancy) afterwards to make sure everything is cleared from the uterus ,” one Twitter user responded.

“Yes, well I wish it didn’t involve ‘getting into politics.’ It shouldn’t involve ‘getting into politics.’ But sadly, in this country, you have to ‘get into politics’ if you want to walk around with a uterus,” she countered.

Other users were quick to point out Disney’s false claims, tweeting:

“This is a lie. She did in fact suffer a miscarriage and it is contemptible of you to use her suffering to push an abortion agenda,” wrote pop culture commentator Jacob Airey.

“No. An abortion happens when you perform the D&C on a viable unborn child. In a miscarriage, the child is already gone – no heartbeat, no chance of survival. At that point, a D&C is simply the process to clear the womb of the remains,” said writer Susan Bagwell.

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