A federal appeals court temporarily blocked the Food and Drug Administration’s order banning Juul products, allowing the company to present further arguments against an order it calls politically motivated.

Just days after the department announced its ban, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit granted Juul’s request to stay the order, according to The Hill.

The order cited “insufficient and conflicting data” from the company about “potentially harmful chemicals” being involved in the use of its product.

In its court filing, Juul called the FDA’s order “arbitrary and capricious.”

The company accused the FDA of caving to “immense political pressure from Congress once it became politically convenient to blame [Juul] for youth vaping, even though several of its competitors now have a larger market share and much higher underage-use rates.”

Health groups argue companies must prevent young people from using e-cigarettes, while adult proponents of the companies say they provide useful products that assist them in quitting traditional cigarettes.

The FDA banned fruit and mint flavored juice pods used in e-cigarettes and vaping devices in 2020 as part of their crackdown on tobacco products, but excluded menthol and tobacco flavors.

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