Chinese President Xi Jinping’s farewell message to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, in which he stated that “change is coming,” has generated concern among the US and its allies. The statement was made after Xi had expressed the belief that no country in the world is greater than another, specifically mentioning the political power of the United States.

Xi conveyed his message to Putin through an interpreter, saying, “Right now there are changes — the likes of which we haven’t seen for 100 years — and we are the ones driving these changes together.” Putin replied. “I agree,” before he shook Xi’s hand and bid him farewell.

“Take care please, dear friend,” said Xi as he turned to leave. “Have a safe trip,” Putin responded.

This exchange has raised concerns among the US and its allies due to the reported “no limits” friendship between Xi and Putin, with Putin having invited Xi to the Russian capital in February 2022.

The implications of this message are unclear, but some analysts believe it could indicate a shift in the global balance of power, with China and Russia seeking to exert greater influence and challenge the dominance of the United States.

Xi’s statement that no country is greater than another may be seen as a direct challenge to America’s position as the world superpower. It is also possible that the “change” referred to by Xi could be related to the ongoing geopolitical tensions between China, Russia, and the United States, as well as other regional powers.

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