The House committee says it plans to show off new information the public will find “exciting”, but recent polling from NBC says American are increasingly over the drama.

The NBC News poll compared the feelings of American from just after the incident in January 2021 to the beginning of May 2022.

Previously, just over half of those polled said Trump was responsible in some way for the events at the Capitol. 28% said he was solely responsible while 24% said he was mainly responsible.

In the latest poll, that percentage dropped from 52% to 45%. The decrease in those who feel Trump is solely responsible is significant, with just 17% saying so compared to 28% in January.

The percentage who said Trump was “not really” responsible grew from 29% to 35%.

In another sign of waning interest despite the committees movement, a UMASS Amherst poll recently showed the public is split. 52% of Americans said they wanted to learn more about what happened on January 6th, but 48% said it’s time to “move on”.

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