The bill sits in uncertainty awaiting a signature from Democratic Governor Tony Evers.

The State Assembly and Senate passed the bill, which is similar to those in Texas, Indiana, Virginia, and Florida.

The bill declares that parents have “the right to review all medical records related to the child, unless specified otherwise in law or court order,” “the right to determine the names and pronouns used for the child while at school,” and “the right to review instructional materials and outlines used by the child’s school.”

According to the text, parents can sue governmental bodies or school officials if they violate “the fundamental right of a parent or guardian to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of a child.”

The law was deemed necessary after a Wisconsin school district was sued for allegedly encouraging and hiding a 12 year old girl’s gender transition. The girl reportedly decided not to follow through with the transition after being removed from the school.

A separate Wisconsin district told its teaching staff that parents are not “entitled to know their kids’ identities.”

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