The health of 81-year-old Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has become a topic of concern following recent incidents where he seemed to ‘freeze’ during public appearances. As whispers grow louder about a possible change in GOP Senate leadership, insiders are weighing in on who might step into the veteran Kentucky Republican’s shoes.

Sources have been actively talking with current and past Senate staff to gauge their opinions on potential successors. The consensus, for now, seems to lean towards either South Dakota Sen. Thune or Texas Sen. Cornyn. One serving Senate aide went as far as suggesting that Thune has already virtually taken over McConnell’s job in the background. See the all the insights from senate insiders below:

“The alternative is really just a look-a-like in Cornyn or Thune. My understanding is that Thune is likely to really inherit the McConnell infrastructure and he seems to be the one that is likely to get it. At some point when McConnell does leave, in some form or fashion, I don’t think Cornyn is without a shot. I think he has a chance but I don’t see anybody else. I don’t see a viable outsider alternative coming into play.” – Former Senate Chief of Staff

“Thune and Cornyn are seen as the most natural successors. Right? Because they’re kind of doing the job right now to be totally candid. And Cornyn, you know has been in leadership. But I don’t think I don’t know that the field will be limited to just those two. I think there are a lot of senators I mean, this will be the first leadership election in 16 years.” – Senate Aide

“It’s Thune or Cornyn. I think McConnell world prefers Thune but Cornyn is a better fundraiser and legislator so I wouldn’t count him out.” – Senate Aide

However, not all members of the GOP are aligned in their thoughts on McConnell’s leadership. Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri has emerged as a lone voice, expressing reservations about McConnell’s leadership capabilities.

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