FBI Director Christoper Wray has been caught in the cross hairs of FBI whistleblowers – this time it concerns how the FBI has truly labeled Catholics as “potential terrorists.” This new information contradicted Christoper Wray’s congressional testimony when he claimed that the FBI didn’t target Catholics.

Fox News reports:

Republicans say the new version with fewer redactions makes it clear that investigations into Catholic organizations in Los Angeles and Portland fed into the Richmond office memo. “Most concerning of all the newly produced version of the document explicitly states that FBI Richmond ‘[c]oordinated with’ FBI Portland in preparing the assessment,” the lawmakers wrote.

“Thus, it appears that both FBI Portland and FBI Los Angeles field offices were involved in or contributed to the creation of FBI’s assessment of traditional Catholics as potential domestic terrorists,” they said.

“This revelation raises the question of why you redacted this information in previous versions of the document you produced to the Committee, and it reinforces the Committee’s need for all FBI material responsive to the April 10 subpoena, including the production of FBI’s Richmond document without redaction,” the lawmakers said.

Republican lawmakers gave the FBI until August 23 to respond to an inquiry related to the new information in the memo concerning the Richmond, Los Angeles and Portland field offices.

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