A whistleblower has come out from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services(DFPS) and claimed that the bureaucracy is requiring staff members to go through ‘Critical Race Theory’ or CRT training. 

Story: A whistleblower from inside the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services(DFPS) came out to speak with Republican Gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines about the ongoing training in bureaucracy. The whistleblower alleges that the government agency is using the core tenets of Critical Race Theory(CRT) in its mandated training programs for employees. 

One aspect of the training that was made public was a survey given to staff at the end of the training. The survey asked staff whether or not they agreed with statements acknowledging the “institutional racism” in America or the idea of White Privilege. The survey also assessed the employee’s level of commitment to being a “good social justice advocate.”

The training materials for the DFPS do not directly reference CRT but they do use the core tenets of the philosophy, that being the idea that America is a fundamentally racist place and white people have inherent advantages as a result of their skin color. The training also included another aspect of CRT, the idea that race intersects with every facet of life. 

The whistleblower also revealed that the course taught about levels of Racial and Ethnic Identification(REI). The REI scale is about identifying certain racial groups and their interactions with the world. The training materials identified that those with improper REI levels did not associate any meaning from one’s racial identity or associate heavily with any racial identity. The materials identified those with good REI levels as having a commitment to being aware of racial differences and being strongly associated with one’s racial identity. 

These same training materials also encouraged employees to build strong REI levels in the children they worked with as part of their duties at DFPS. The materials told staff to promote ethnic and racial pride in youths as a means of creating a strong REI level. 

The training course also had some ongoing resources for employees that included “Woke Wednesday!” and an “Implicit Bias in Child Protection Webinar.” A TedX Talk titled “Allegories on race and racism” was also promoted for employees. 

Reaction: Many parents who have kids being taught CRT at school and employees who are being taught CRT in the workplace are dissatisfied with the ideology and its mass acceptance in academia. 
Texas Gubernatorial candidate Don Huffines said that current Governor Greg Abbott “needed to have better awareness of the actions of his administration” while speaking with The Daily Wire. Huffines would also say in his interview with The Daily Wire that “Greg Abbott is forcing hard-working Texans to subsidize mandatory Critical Race Theory for state employees,” and that “Critical Race Theory is Marxist, racist poison being used to indoctrinate and divide Americans. It has no place in the State of Texas.

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