The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has released a statement saying her office sent out the wrong ballots to a small number of voters. These ballots were meant for Federal only voters, which are ballots that only have federal elections on them for those who do not provide proof of county residency when registering to vote. It is unclear how many voters and ballots were affected by this situation. Though right now officials in the office are going over the voting records of 6,000 Arizona voters.

The significance of this issue potentially hitting that large of an audience is massive, as back in 2020 Biden won the state of Arizona by only 10,000 votes. Leaving many worried for the integrity of elections in the state.

Hobbs is currently running for the Governor’s seat in the state as a Democrat, and her opponent Republican Kari Lake has asked for her to step down from administering the midterm elections as she will be on the ballot.

Lake has mentioned many times that one of her primary focuses is on the election and election integrity. Just as many fellow Republican leaders echoed Lake’s sentiments.

Let this be a sign of what could be to come if Hobbs were elected as Arizona’s Governor.

Lake is currently leading polls though the two are very close, with them only less than a point apart.

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