A veteran wildlife photographer witnessed the most prolonged and fierce grizzly bear fight in his 20-year career as a guide for brown bear photography. Brad Josephs, an expedition leader and a guide with a keen interest in nature, recorded an almost nine-minute-long heart-pounding battle between two colossal grizzly bears, each trying to establish their dominance.

Watch the video below:

The epic encounter between these two huge males fighting fiercely for supremacy took place on the border of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve in Alaska on May 8. The video shows an intense scene where a bigger, older bear aggressively challenges a smaller, younger bear in a sedge meadow during the breeding season, just when Josephs came across them.

Brad Josephs is not just an expert wildlife biologist and wilderness guide, but also specializes in bear biology and the ecology of the north. Aside from his expertise, Josephs is a proficient photographer and has been instructing in photography and filmmaking for more than two decades. His primary subjects of interest are bears and wolves from Alaska and the northwest region of Canada.

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