Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ political action committee (PAC) “Never Back Down”  is set to release ads  attacking former President Donald Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire. The ads, which will be aired on Fox News and Newsmax, highlight Trump’s criticism of Republican governors and suggests that while Joe Biden is negatively impacting America, Trump is preoccupied with targeting fellow Republicans. The ads argue that DeSantis seeks to unite the Republican party for the future of the country.

The content of these ads revolves around Trump’s remarks with DeSantis’ vision for unity within the Republican Party. In the Iowa ad, the narration claims Trump is self-centered, using audio clips where Trump comments on Governor Kim Reynolds’ neutrality and claims credit for her victory. The ad then features DeSantis emphasizing the importance of uniting Republicans to win. Similarly, the New Hampshire ad uses clips of Trump calling Governor Sununu “nasty” and “cuckoo”, contrasted with DeSantis’ calls for unity and his presidential campaign message.

In response to the ads, a Trump spokesperson retorted sharply, suggesting that DeSantis’ efforts through the PAC are counterproductive and highlighting Trump’s current polling advantages in states like Iowa and New Hampshire. They mockingly referred to the PAC as “Always Back Down” and commented that DeSantis may need another “reboot” given that, according to them, he isn’t a popular choice for president. Both Trump and DeSantis have been active in New Hampshire and Iowa, indicating the significance of these states in their campaigns.

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