A former U.S. Army General expressed his suspicion that Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner Group, may no longer be alive. This statement contradicts the Kremlin’s announcement on Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin had a meeting with Prigozhin on June 29. Interestingly, this meeting reportedly occurred five days after the Wagner Group initiated a brief revolt, advancing towards Moscow.

Retired General Robert Abrams, during his interaction with ABC News, expressed skepticism about the supposed meeting between Putin and Prigozhin:

“I’d be surprised if we actually see proof of life that Putin met with Prigozhin, and I think it’s highly staged,”

“And my personal assessment is that I doubt we’ll see Prigozhin ever again publicly. I think he’ll either be put in hiding or sent to prison or dealt with some other way, but I doubt we’ll ever see him again.”

“I personally don’t think he is alive, and if he is, he’s in a prison somewhere.”

According to Abrams, the ongoing Ukraine counteroffensive against Russia is not progressing as quickly or effectively as anticipated. The Russian enemy is entrenched with numerous obstacles, minefields, and well-prepared artillery targets. Despite the difficulties, Abrams believes that the Ukrainian armed forces have the momentum on their side.

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