According to the Department of Defense, two American aircraft carriers have entered the disputed South China Sea for “training.”

What’s Happening: The move to send in U.S. forces comes as Taiwan reported a new Chinese air force incursion at the top of the waterway including a “fearsome” new electronic warfare jet, as reported by the Jerusalem Post.

Why it Matters: Taiwan and the South China Sea are points of contention with China, which has become increasingly robust in its aggression in the regions.

The two U.S. Navy Carrier Strike Groups in the South China Sea include the flagship USS Carl Vinson and USS Abraham Lincoln.

The U.S. reportedly had a landing mishap during this exercise.

What People Are Saying: “Operations like these allow us to improve our combat credible capability, reassure our allies and partners, and demonstrate our resolve as a Navy to ensure regional stability and counter malign influence,” the DOD quoted Rear Admiral J.T. Anderson, commander of the strike group led by the USS Abraham Lincoln, as saying.

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