Former Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, is seeking to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin according to Margarita Simonyan, a prominent Kremlin spokesperson. Simonyan, who is also the editor-in-chief of the Russian government-run media outlet RT, disclosed this information on the Russia-1 television channel.

Simonyan told the network:

‘[Carlson] is strongly requesting an interview with Vladimir Putin. It would be great if someone listens and notifies the president about this.’

Carlson has been vocal about his belief that the US harbors resentment towards Russia due to its Christian foundations. This claim was made by Carlson during his speech at MCC Feszt, a Hungarian festival centered around social, political, and cultural discussions. According to Carlson, both Hungary and Russia are founded on Christian principles, which he believes is a reason for the animosity displayed by US policymakers towards Russia.

Carlson stated:

‘One thing that Russia and Hungary have in common is a big part of the population identify as Christians. Why would that be provocative?

‘That is enough to incite our policy makers in the United States and that is exactly why they hate Russia,’

This is not the first time Carlson has attempted to secure an interview with Putin. In 2021, Axios reported that he had engaged with Kremlin intermediaries to arrange a meeting.

After leaving Fox News following a $787 million settlement between the network and Dominion, a vote-counting company, Carlson transitioned his show to X. Recently, he conducted an interview with former US President Donald Trump, which, according to reports, amassed over 250 million views. However, critics argue that this figure does not accurately reflect the interview’s success as it includes individuals who encountered the post but did not necessarily watch the content.

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