With unflinching resolve, President Trump declared his staunch opposition to DEI programs during his powerful address at the Moms for Liberty Joyful Warriors Summit. He boldly asserted, “In light of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, I am committed to eradicating ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ initiatives across the entire federal government.”

Trump passionately pledged to reinstate “Equality, Liberty, and Merit,” the core pillars of our society, while raising a critical voice against schools that leverage accusations of racism to dismiss disciplinary actions against disruptive students. Additionally, he emphatically stated, “Under my stewardship, we will discard the divisive narratives of the 1619 Project, the politicization of Climate Change, and the confusing claims of 87 genders. Instead, we will return to basics: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic will be the focal points of our education.”

He also vowed to challenge “the harmful narratives of gender ideology,” and humorously suggested he could even become a women’s basketball coach. With a fierce determination, President Trump announced that he will leverage Title 9 to “preserve the integrity of women’s sports.” Furthermore, he pledged to “respond forcefully” to any assaults on the educational system by the “far-left elements.”

He concluded his speech by championing new standards that include “ousting the unnecessary DEI administrators who are unjustly inflating tuition costs for our students.” In his words, we sense a rallying cry, a clarion call to reclaim and restore the core values that make our nation unique, promising a better future for our children under his leadership.

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